mPhase Technologies’ battery technology has the ability to provide a longer shelf life compared to conventional batteries. Another advantage is that the technology reduces the time needed for activation of the batteries.

Our technology can potentially be used for providing a high performance power source for electronic devices and also for low energy density applications. Our technology also facilitates in an easy integration of electronic components directly into the manufacturing process of a battery. This will help in the development of different classes of tightly integrated devices, such as wireless sensors, integrated active radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, and lab-on-chip systems for both defense and commercial markets.

Targeted Applications:

  • Advanced Battery Technology
    • Long Shelf-Life Reserve Batteries
    • Primary Batteries
    • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Smart Drug Delivery System
    • Unattended, Pre-determined Dose Delivery

 Future Applications Could Include:

  • Water Purification
    • Drinking water filters
    • Removal of oil from water
    • Environmental remediation
  • Sensors
    • Liquid detectors
    • Chemical detectors
  • Other Applications
    • Lab-on-a-chip
    • Medical Fluid Analysis
    • Liquid gas exchange
  • Medical Oxygen Generators
    • Use on aircraft and in medical applications
  • Hot/Cold Packs
    • Similar to self-heating/cooling pads used in medical applications
  • Non-battery Light Sources
    • Similar to popular “light sticks” used for emergency lighting