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Absolutely. mPower is the only EV charging ecosystem that links non-charging sites to charging sites to create a customizable set of products and services for all drivers, regardless of vehicle type.  Our goal is to make charging more affordable, productive, and enjoyable for EV owners, but we don’t ignore the larger population of drivers and businesses that have not yet transitioned to EV.

Request a site assessment – then leave the rest to us. We provide true turnkey service from beginning to end, including post-installation maintenance. Along with attracting EV-charging traffic to your location, all member businesses receive our patented consumer engagement software to help generate new and repeat customers.

EV+ is our way to describe an EV charging ecosystem that provides users with additional services and incentives beyond the traditional EV charging platform. For businesses, that means the addition of consumer engagement software supplemented by microgrid functions, solar, 5G, and other add-ons through our network partners. For Consumers, EV+ means more affordable charging, plus a large network of travel-oriented retailers catering to each individual’s needs and wants while they are on the road.

mPower membership travels with you, giving you access to promotions and perks in any area featuring an mPower partner.

Consumers are rewarded with perks and promotions for helping to support a greener lifestyle. Charging station partners gain increased store traffic and non-charging site partners help fund a faster roll-out of EV infrastructure. We currently offer the only platform where anyone, regardless of vehicle status, can participate in the move toward an EV-centric future.